You Got Baby Money?

Money concerns can be stressful on parents and relationships. Come learn about the financial steps you can take at every level to prepare a solid and stable financial base for yourself and your family.

Featured Speaker: Tania Horowitz Fukuda, Mother and Financial Services Provider

We may bring in additional financial professionals to share their expertise as well. 

This event is free and there will be no sales pitch.

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, July 11 at 3pm

Thursday, August 16 at 10am

Thursday, September 20th at 10am

Thursday, October 25th at 10am

This event meets at a private residence in Waialae Nui. The address will be sent to all attendees once we receive your RSVP. 


This event is hosted by Melissa Danielle, Integrative Nutrition & Women’s Health Coach, Full Spectrum Doula, and founder of Motherworthlove Oahu Mothercircle. Membership to the Motherworthlove Mothercircle includes monthly community calls and email support to those considering, expecting, postpartum, and beyond. Learn more at